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Creative Youth of Jembrana: Wooden Clocks and Unique Vehicles by Putu Edit

UPDATEBALI.comJEMBRANA – Regent of Jembrana I Nengah Tamba admits to admiring the work of young people in Jembrana in the form of making wooden clocks. The wooden clock, made by I Putu Edit Andi Pratama, a youth from Medewi, Pekutatan District, Jembrana. Unlike conventional watches made of metal or plastic, the majority of the material used is wood, making it unique.

Putu Edit makes these unique watches at his home in Medewi Village, assisted by his father and one employee.

Because of this, Regent I Nengah Tamba strongly supports the creativity of young people in Jembrana who are able to compete in creating highly valuable innovations.

“This is extraordinary, I will assist Putu, please make some samples for us to display at the weaving center, which is the souvenir center of Jembrana regency. This will become a booming and extraordinary phenomenon,” said Regent Tamba while visiting the wooden clock craftsmen on Wednesday 16 April 2024.

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The regent from Kaliakah Village also explained that his visit was to directly see the results of Putu Edit’s work and he would also assist him in a large exhibition in which they would participate. In addition to the wooden clocks, Putu Edit is currently not only making wooden watches but also wooden motorcycles and cars that are still in the manufacturing stage.

“These products are already very good, but they are handmade from wood, which makes them very valuable. Besides the wooden clocks, there are also extraordinary products made by him from wood, namely Vespa and also cars that are still in the process of being made. When the car is finished, I will be the first to try it,” he said.

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Meanwhile, I Putu Edit Andi Pratama revealed the initial difficulties he faced when starting this craft business, one of which was choosing the wood. Eventually, he and his father decided to only use two types of wood, such as Sonokeling, which has fine pores and exotic fibers, and Maple Wood, which is always used as a material for making guitar musical instruments because its fibers are finer than Sonokeling fibers and its pores are finer.

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This craft business is not without its challenges. In the first six months of starting this business, he admitted to often experiencing failures.

“At that time, the most difficult part was carving the numbers on the clock frame inside the clock, they always tilted a few millimeters,” said Edit.

Although it is classified as handmade products or self-branded products under the brand “rocke handy craft,” the prices are quite affordable, ranging from Rp 350-430 thousand/piece, and its marketing has reached beyond Bali.

“The direct purchases are quite few, even more are ordered online. We usually serve direct purchases if the goods are available. But if the goods are not available, we serve pre-orders,” he said. (yud/ub)



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