Bali BNPB Head I Made Rentin. (antara) – Bali Province’s Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) confirmed three deaths and 16 injured following a 4.8-magnitude earthquake that rattled the island on Saturday (Oct 16) at 4:18 a.m. local time (UTC +8).

“A child named Ni Luh Meriani, aged three, from Ban Village, Karangasem, died in the earthquake,” Bali BNPB Head I Made Rentin stated in Denpasar, Saturday (16/10/2021)

Rentin confirmed that the earthquake was felt across the island, and damages were reported in the two districts of Karangasem and Bangli, albeit no damage was reported in the six other districts and solely in the city of Denpasar.

The earthquake’s epicenter was located 8 km northwest of Karangasem District in the eastern part of Bali Island, he noted.

As of Saturday, at 11:45 a.m. local time, the authority informed that the quake resulted in a total of three deaths; four major injuries; 11 minor injuries, including one head injury; and one trauma injury in the districts of Karangasem and Bangli, according to the BNPB head.

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Apart from causing deaths and inflicting injuries, the earthquake also caused a landslide that blocked road access from and to Cegi Village, Kubu Sub-district, Karangasem, he remarked.

According to Rentin, the Bangli District authority had reported two casualties, two major injuries, and one case each of minor injury, trauma injury, and head injury.

“Reports of deaths and injuries from Bangli District are all from the villages of Trunyan, Suter, and Peninjoan,” he noted.

Two casualties, one major injury, and one minor injury were reported in Trunyan Village; one minor injury was reported in Suter Village; while two Peninjoan residents suffered trauma and head injuries, Rentin confirmed.

The Bali BNPB head also called on the province’s residents to remain calm and not react or respond to unverified information that might affect the mitigation process in addition to being sentient of personal safety by avoiding damaged structures.

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“We urge residents to avoid buildings and structures damaged by the earthquake,” Rentin remarked. (updatebali/antara)


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